How to get healthy skin in 5 steps skincare routine

Are you struggling with skin issues like oiliness, dryness, irritation, or hyperpigmentation? Look no further! This 5 steps skincare routine is your ultimate solution. In my early 20s, persistent sebum overproduction and acne outbreaks plagued my complexion, causing self-consciousness and low confidence. The structured skincare routine has helped significantly managed my skin problems.

5 steps skincare routine
5 steps skincare routine

Step 1: Cleansing to Remove Impurities and Promote Absorption

Cleansing was my first revelation in reclaiming control over my skin. It is a key step to healthy skin. Not only does it remove impurities, excess oil, and environmental residue, but it also helps your skin absorb key ingredients from subsequent skincare steps. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of cleansing.

My method:

  • When: Morning and evening
  • How: Apply gentle cleansers onto your face with circular motions and then wash off thoroughly
  • Avoid harsh cleansers

Step 2: Toning for Pore Refinement and Prep

Toning became my silent ally in the battle against oiliness. Restore balance, refine pores, and prepare your skin for optimal absorption with an alcohol-free toner enriched with soothing botanicals and hydrating agents. As I swept the toner across my skin, I felt a refreshing surge of renewal.

My method:

  • When: After every cleanse
  • How: Apply gentle toner onto your face and pat dry
  • Avoid toning without cleansing as it can render toning less effective

Step 3: Apply Serums to Target Skin Issues

Everyone has different skin problems, and serums are a great way to address them. Whether you have skin problems such as acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, excessive sebum production, or dullness, we have respective serums to tackle them. For example, excessive sebum production, which leads to oily skin, can be treated with Niacinamide serum.

My method:

  • When: Serums are best applied after cleansing and toning
  • How: Apply a small amount and massage into your face until fully absorbed
  • Avoid applying serums on a wet face as it reduces the efficacy of serums

Step 4: Moisturizer to Lock in the essence of serums

Moisturizing is an essential step to lock in moisture and active ingredients of serums you applied. It also fortifies your skin’s natural barrier, improving the resistance of your skin. However, make sure that you choose a right moisturzer for your skin. Having oily skin myself, I prefer lightweight creams that can be absorbed quickly without leaving my face with awkward oliy shine. Nevertheless, If you have a very dry skin, some heavy moisturiser can considered.

My method:

  • When: Typically after toning with or without serums
  • How: Apply a small amount and massage into your face until fully absorbed
  • Avoid applying heavy moisturizer when you have an on-going acne outbreaks

Step 5: Apply Sun Screen to Protect Your Skin

Sun protection is another important skincare step that I missed previously. If you live in an area like Australia with harsh sunlight, sun protection is vital because it shields your skin from harmful UV rays, which are causes for many skin problems. A broad-spectrum sunscreen boasting SPF 30 or higher is recommended if you find yourself involved in a lot of outdoor activities.

My method:

  • When: Apply 20 minutes before sun exposure
  • How: Apply a generous amount to cover your face and neck. Massage until fully absorbed
  • Avoid sun exposure right after application as sunscreen takes around 20 minutes to provide full protection after applied


In conclusion, the 5 essential steps to skincare have become the cornerstone of my radiant transformation. Through dedication, patience, and the right products, I’ve reclaimed not only beautiful healthy skin but also confidence. Follow this guide consistently, and you will gain the beautiful healthy skin you always dream of.

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